Master Peace

Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life? This debate has waged for a long long time, and it still has not been answered by the mainstream thinkers of this world who set themselves up as the highest intellects, the brightest thinkers, and the most creative and sophisticated ponderers. Yet when one considers God as author of life and art both, it becomes clear that life and art are one in the same. That is to say, that Life. Is. Art.

Our God is the Supreme artist, and the Sculptor of life. He is the great Author of history, the Painter of life’s great beauties, and the Orator of existence itself. Life. Is. Art. sea landscape beach landmarkAnd if God is the one who has written and crafted the narrative of this universe, and if God is loving, kind, grace-filled, powerful, wise, and benevolent, then that puts a certain spin on the art which he creates. God, as Artist Supreme, is Sovereign over all his works. And his works therefore, namely us, can take both delight and comfort in the manner in which our story is told.

Our stories, each one of them, are written by God, and therefore beautiful. Though they may be filled with dramas, tragedies, and moments of intense fearfulness, they are beautiful by virtue of their Author. And if they are beautiful, then they are good. And if they are good, then we can trust their outcome. And if we can trust their outcome, then we need not fear the fearful times. We need not tremble and quake at the tragedies which befall us. We need only to look to the scarred hands of the artist who has crafted this bewilderingly beautiful Tale, in whose hands we find peace.

Those who choose to trust in the great Artist of Heaven, see this world as a masterpiece. They see the darks, and the greys, and the shadowy corners, and see that the contrast makes the light and the colors all the brighter! They see this world for what it is, a masterpiece. And in that inspired trust, that faith that the painting is not just the dark corners, that hope that the story is not just the tragic happenings, they find the tools to master peace.


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