Artists/Musicians/Writers Wanted!!

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The RAIN Drop is looking for artists, musicians, and writers to fill our digital pages! We know there are so many “undiscovered” talents out there, and we know many of you are looking for an outlet, a platform, a place to be published. Well, here we are!

Dedicated to the “little guys,” the Drop is your place to be seen and heard. We only ask a few things (which, granted, will narrow the field a bit): 1) are you a Christian? 2) Do you hold to the Five Solas? 3) Do you know what the last question meant? (if not, then this may not be your scene.) 4) If you answered positively to the previous questions, we ask that you please honor Christ and the Church with your work. If you do, we will be happy to take a look at (or listen to) your creations! Who knows! You just might be our next Artist Spotlight!

So, if you’re interested, drop (#pun) us a line by clicking the “Contact” button in the top menu, let us know what you do, why you do it, and let’s see what the Lord does through all of us!


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